Job: Environment Art

Job Details

Atom Switch, Inc. is hiring for a Senior Environment Artist position for our debut title: INFESTSTATION.

Do derelict sci-fi spaces excite you? Does the mention of grates, cables, paneling and hard surface design elicit an instinctual need to reach for a motion sensor and seal up the nearest airlock?

We’re looking for a full-time Senior/Principal Environment Artist, with the ideal candidate on a short track to (or already at) a Principal role, to take ownership of interior kit building and environment construction for the game, focusing heavily on spacecraft interiors in Unreal Engine 5.

Key Qualifications

Bonus Skills


About Us

Atom Switch, Inc. is a small team of experienced game developers making our dream game – INFESTSTATION – a cooperative, PvE sci-fi horror game made in Unreal Engine 5. Backed by investor funding, we have none of the frustrating constraints of a traditional publisher-funded development model. With total agency over the game’s design and no needless push for micro-transactions or other “profits over quality” mandates, we are making a game for ourselves as much as for our players.

We value honesty, transparency, inclusion and respect. As everyone on the team has a voice and real, tangible ownership over the design of the game, we especially love cross-discipline backgrounds and emphasize cooperation over competition.

Lets Work Together!

Does this sound like you? Drop us a line at with the subject: JOBS: ENVIRONMENT ART, a link to your portfolio, resume (pdf or LinkedIn please) and we can strike up a conversation to find out!

Cover letters are not necessary, but we know that a game developer is more than just the sum of their parts, so feel free to include any additional details or background information if there’s anything else that expands upon your personal story that you’d like us to know.

Work In Progress Imagery:
Environments are currently in a simplistic block out state, ripe for improvement and reinvention!