Brothers and sisters of the Atom, we are a collective of senior developers united under the singular urge to make good games.  No strangers to the ugly side of the industry, that kind of toxicity has no home here. Quality of life isn’t just important to us as a pillar of design – it’s a pillar of healthy game development.

A DIY sensibility and an insatiable urge to create drive us forward while humility and compassion keep us fom floating out past the ionosphere. AAA meets indie as our focus on quality over quantity and emergent fun over railroaded decision-faking lets us make amazing experiences without the blood-sacrifice the industry seems to think of as the status quo.

The Team


CEO, Creative Director

A product of disaster as much as success, Dan has never let a painful lesson get in the way of a hard-fought victory.

With an origin dating back to Build Engine (Duke3d & Blood in particular) and StarCraft mapping, this mediocre illustrator found his own as a 3d environment artist at the start of his career. Bridging his long-time loves of design, writing, and art with the “whatever it takes to get the job done” nature that tends to place him in leadership roles, he is excited to apply his experience to the brave new worlds of Atom Switch development.


Art Director, Principal Concept Artist

Grant pulls from a wide range of roles, titles, and genres in his game development career. With a mind that sees into distant lands and fantastical futures as if an observer rather than an imagineer, his gift for making even the most bizarre and surreal concepts seem believable is always a treat.

One of the many swiss-army-knives of Atom Switch, in addition to concept art, Grant has held roles in Character, Environment, and UI art, as well as in education.


Design Director

Unflappable is an understatement for this long-time design leader with an impressively varied set of skills. Hopping between disciplines – technical and creative worlds intersect for Johnna as she manages documentation, UX/UI, planning, scripting, world building, and systems design.

As at home behind a set of dice and a DM screen as she is behind a keyboard and mouse, Johnna’s wide reaching perspective ensures we never lose sight of the forest for the trees while we still manage to reach for the stars.


Technical Director

The embodiment of an engineering renaissance man, Josh’s extensive time in the industry has seen him create everything from backend code and advanced AI pathfinding to software integration and tools implementation.

His real super-power though is the ability to apply an engineers brain to artist-friendly problem solving that never leaves other disciplines by the wayside.


Animation Director

An exceptionally multi-faceted developer, Alex has a skillset that ranges from 2d and 3d art to game design and of course animation. 

As the Animation Director at Supergenius he honed his direction and delegation skills leading a team of animators on multiple titles. As an independent animator and consultant, he continually sharped his own animation skills. As a solo developer, he pushed himself even further to create complete titles on his own.


Principal Tech Designer

With 20 years of experience, Bill has filled many different roles across just as many different titles. A hybrid actor mixing design with engineering skill, he is able to bridge the gap between both departments and make critical contributions to each. 

The official title holder of “First Phase 1 Atom Switch Hire” – Bill’s expertise in design, multiplayer and sandbox systems, infrastructure, balancing, and more adds an enormous diversity of muscle (and a perfect compliment!) to our cross-discipline loving team.


Principal Environment Artist

With more than 20 years of experience in the game industry, Melissa has created awesome environments for everything from CoD to God (of War), with roles in leadership as well as IC.

With a presence that’s as calm as it is confident, her wide ranging experience provides solutions, inspiration, and positivity as much as assets and world building capability.


Principal Audio Designer

With more than 26 years of experience, Ken’s wealth of knowledge reaches above and beyond the realm of audio. 

The master of all things from beep to boom, mechanical to melodic and beyond, his work brings a powerful extra layer of immersion and emotion to all aspects of our games.


Senior Gameplay Engineer

The perfect synthesis of engineering output and design-empowering input, Michael brings an equal mix of energy, passion, and skill to the team.

With a background that also includes content creation and community engagement, his unique blend of experience enriches Atom Switch both inward through development and outward for player empathy and engagement.